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Perhaps many of you are relying on banking as a place to borrow funds both large and small in value, but the banking process which is notoriously convoluted and long-standing is sometimes annoying when submitting it. Besides that, another problem is the large number of Indonesians who can still be said to be unbankable. So, those who want to borrow but are always rejected by the bank for various reasons, be it incomplete documents, unclear guarantees and others. The trouble again, the interest is too high and used as a classic reason for them in making loan payments. then where should they apply for a loan?

The best solution is to find a low interest loan. Perhaps many have provided low interest and non-bank loans without ‘complicated’ requirements. But what kind is suitable for your loan application?

Low Interest Loans at Acceleration!


You can apply for your loan at Acceleration, because in Acceleration the requirements are very easy. The process of completing data, completing requirements and more is all done online. You can also apply for a loan with a ceiling ranging from $ 75 million to $ 2 billion. Guarantee options can also be in the form of inventory, invoices, contracts and land and buildings.

Acceleration as a leading platform for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending in Indonesia that is easy, safe, and profitable can help as well as make it easier for you to get a low interest loan on the proposal. Requirements for submission in the Acceleration are also very easy such as:

  1. Your business has been running for more than 1 year and is located in Greater Jakarta, Banten or Bandung. If your business is located outside the area, you can use the services of Acceleration if the loan proposal is more than 200 million
  2. Minimum business loan of USD 75 million
  3. Your business has a net profit in the past year
  4. Your business has an account and can provide a checking account for the past 3 months
  5. Fill out the form and provide complete supporting documents

What kind of borrower can file?

loan cost

Borrowers who can apply are SMEs or businesses that find it difficult to get loans from banks. As has been said above, additional criteria for prospective borrowers namely the business must have been running for at least one year and already have a profit. Then, added supporting documents such as annual financial statements that include profit and loss statements, checking accounts for the last 3 months, and Trading Business License (SIUP).

After completing uploading the document, the next process is the analysis and selection of credit scoring.

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