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Acceleration is in the process of finalizing the regulation that has been regulated by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), where one of the stages is related to the process of adding funds and providing loans. For this reason, the Acceleration made a slight change in the process of adding funds and providing loans.

The most important changes that occurred:

  • To Add Funds can now be done after selecting the first loan opportunities d ahulu
  • The Add Funds option will be on the loan confirmation page


Select Business Opportunity

Interest and other expensive fees

Determine in advance the business opportunity that you want to fund. In this section you can choose a variety of business opportunities that suit your investment preferences.


See Business Loan Details

Before funding any business opportunity you choose, you can view the details of the business loan starting from the loan amount, effective interest, frequency of principal installment, tenure, collateral, frequency of interest payments and fundraising objectives.


Determine Nominal Funding

Select a Payment Method

Enter the nominal funding for the business opportunity. In this section you can calculate the return on profits from the funding that you are doing. Don’t forget to diversify (spread funding to several opportunities, not just one opportunity) to reduce risk.


Risk Notification

After completing the nominal funding, a notification will appear related to the risk in the funding that you are doing. To reduce the existing risk you can diversify.


Confirmation of Lending

credit loans

After that you will enter the confirmation section of the loan, if you are sure of funding, then you can continue the loan process. However, if there are not enough funds in your account (seen in the “Your current funds”), you can proceed to add funds by clicking the “Add Funds” button.


Select a Payment Method

In this section you can do the process of adding funds through VA Bank Permata whose numbers can be seen in their respective accounts or can use transfers from other Banks to VA Bank Permata numbers by entering the Bank code 013 (if through a teller / ATM) .

You can transfer through any bank to VA Permata to add funds. In the future we will try to add more fund transfer options in accordance with OJK regulations.

Don’t forget to click the refresh button (in the form of 2 arrows that rotate next to “Your Funds Now” after making a transfer to VA Permata.


Confirmation of Risk of Lending

Confirmation of Risk of Lending

When you have finished lending to the business opportunity you have chosen, then you can proceed to the risk confirmation section of lending. In this section you can read information about the risks involved in lending. If you agree, then you can immediately check the ” I understand the risks above and agree that my loan cannot be canceled unless the campaign does not reach the target “.



After agreeing to the risk of the loan, the loan you made is successful!

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This update is useful to improve user security and we open up input from all users regarding this update so we can continue to improve our services

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