Simplify Your Loan Application With Inventory Financing!

In running a business or business will certainly experience ups and downs in the process, because when the state of the business that you have is ebbing, of course you have to rack your brain to be able to make your business increase again. Many ways that can make your business increase again one of which is to maximize the goods or inventory that you have. Then how to maximize it? Inventory Financing the answer.

Maybe some of you don’t know about inventory financing, so we will explain about this inventory financing.


Ease With Inventory Financing!

Ease With Inventory Financing!

Inventory financing is a line of credit that is supported by an asset in the company or easily if you have assets in the company and you need a short-term loan, then you can guarantee your assets or inventory for the loan you are proposing. Then who should use this inventory financing?

This financial product can be used by various types of businesses both small and medium businesses, but that does not mean that large businesses cannot use this product, large businesses can also easily apply for loans using this inventory financing.

When many banks say no, inventory financing is the solution. When a bank does not want to accept the assets or goods that you own, the company that owns this product can easily lend funds with the inventory that can be used as assets. At certain periods when your business or business cash flow is out of control, while you need funds to continue to maintain your business cash flow.


Easily Apply for Loans in Acceleration With Inventory Financing!

Easily Apply for Loans in Acceleration With Inventory Financing!

How can Acceleration help you? Good Lenders Credit has an Inventory Financing product for those of you who want to apply for a loan by guaranteeing your inventory or assets. The process is very easy, you can register directly through the website or the Acceleration application after that you can apply for a loan. After your Inventory or Assets are checked and analyzed, then declared eligible to be given a loan, then the submission is immediately processed. For those who have Inventory to be guaranteed, the Acceleration can provide prospective borrowers with a loan fund of 50% of the Inventory value.

The loan interest in Acceleration is in the range of 18% – 21% per year. But it should be noted that on average SMEs usually apply for loans with a 3-6 month tenor, so borrowers only incur interest costs around 4.5% – 9%. Another cost to note is Origination Fee of 0.25% per month. If borrowing with a tenor of 3-6 months, then the cost of the Origination Fee is only around 0.75% – 1.5%.


What kind of borrower can file?


Borrowers who can apply are SMEs or businesses that find it difficult to get loans from banks because banks usually cannot accept an Inventory or Asset as collateral, therefore Acceleration can make it easier for you to get your loan using Inventory or Assets as collateral.

Additional criteria for prospective borrowers namely the business must have been running for at least one year and already have a profit. Then, added supporting documents such as annual financial statements that include profit and loss statements, checking accounts for the last 3 months, and Trading Business License (SIUP).

After completing uploading the document, the next process is the analysis and selection of credit scoring.

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